Facing Machines


The pipe facing machines are built to cut precision chamfer on pipe ends with a thickness up to 1" 1/2. In the same time the internal pipe is perfectly centred to the machine.
The chamfer is made by means of widia cutting tools [up to six] hold by a tool holder fixed to a rotating platform [chuck] and operating simultaneously, in order to perform the wanted chamfer.
The chuck is driven by two hydraulic motors operated through a valve on the hydraulic panel.
The power and the speed of the motors is generated by a hydraulic power unit.
The speed of the motors can be adjusted by a valve on the hydraulic panel.
The chuck shift is done by a hydraulic piston fed from a low pressure oil circuit.
The shifting speed can be adjusted by a micrometric flow regulator.
The facing machine is feeded by the hydraulic power unit that feeds the hydraulic

motors through a high pressure circuit (170 bar)